What’s this?


It is an infection due to a virus, the Papillomavirus


How does it manifest itself?


The infection runs, in most cases, without symptoms or manifests itself with growths (warts or condyloma) on the genitals. Sometimes, in the case of infections that persist over time and after several years, it can give rise to tumors of the genital tract (to the uterus, in women).


How is it transmitted?


During unprotected sex. The use of a condom is not always able to protect against this infection which can affect areas of the skin not covered by the condom itself.




Clinic with observation of lesions or, in women, with PAP test.
All women, aged 25 to 64, should have a PAP test to prevent cervical cancer every 3 years.




Local application of specific preparations, burning of lesions.
The infection can be contracted again.




In addition to the condom, a vaccine is available for women who have not yet come into contact with the virus.