Tigna (head and body)

What’s this?


Ringworm is a contagious disease of the skin, hair and nails caused by various species of fungi known as dermatophytes.


How does it manifest itself?


The incubation period is variable, generally between 5 and 14 days after contact.
The disease is manifested by reddened roundish patches that tend to extend into the periphery and to clear in the center. In the case of ringworm of the head, the hair breaks easily.
After the start of adequate treatment, the disease is no longer contagious.


How is it transmitted?


The infection is transmitted by direct contact from infected animals (dog, cat) or sick people.
It can also be contracted by indirect contact, in particular with the common use of clothing, combs, brushes, hats and shoes.




The specialist carries out the clinical examination and microscopy.




With local and oral medicines and with the common hygiene rules that everyone should observe, such as:
√ strictly personal use of clothing, hats, brushes, combs and toiletries in general;
√ avoid walking barefoot in public places such as swimming pools, gyms, showers etc;
√ carry out accurate and prolonged disinfection of the feet before entering the pool;
√ avoid stroking dogs, cats or other animals whose health is unknown, especially if you notice that they have diseased hair;
√ have your pet checked by your veterinarian periodically.

How to avoid spreading it?

It is important to observe the following indications:
√ wash the laundry in the washing machine at a high temperature (90 °) separately;
√ have the veterinarian check the animals that may have come into contact with the people who have fallen ill (the animals can be healthy carriers).