Viral Hepatitis (Hepatitis A, B, C)

What are?


They are viral diseases that affect the liver.


How do they manifest themselves?


√ Acute hepatitis with jaundice (yellow color of the skin and eyes) and liver pain;
√ chronic hepatitis: hepatitis B and, especially hepatitis C, can progress over the years to give cirrhosis or liver tumors;
√ status of “healthy carrier”, ie there are no symptoms but you can infect other people.


How are they transmitted?


Hepatitis A:
√ Contact with infected human feces, including oro-genital and oro-anal relations

Hepatitis B and C:
√ Unprotected sexual relations
√ Contact with the blood of infected people.
√ From an infected mother to a child (during pregnancy or childbirth).




With a blood test for antibody research.




Hepatitis A heals without complications, for hepatitis B and C that can become chronic, there are some fairly effective drugs. Vaccines exist for hepatitis A and B.